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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Today is Saturday, May 24th

I've spent most of the week packing or working and thinking about the unfolding of our lives...

Today, after I walked our Riley on the beach... what a reward!!!...& ate some breakfast;  I gathered up a couple New Yorkers, a book from Alan and Toni's port; made a huge contribution to Goodwill; stopped to see a couple houses for clients and the excitement started to mount... winding through the hills obviously headed in the opposite direction of most holiday travelers and yet I was soooo looking forward to seeing my honey...

The most wonderful thing happened once I actually was approaching the BMT area... there were Drs Rezvani and Matt with huge smiles on their faces.... was it the lunches they were carrying? ... I asked how the patient was and their response was " everybody loves Tracy!!!"  Our boy's doing well... holding his own and I'm so very thankful...  scrubbed his back while he showered... missing his presence.... he still has his hair!!!!

Toni & Sonny visiting T today

T, our man of the hour

Spoke to T a little while ago and he was feeling kind of punky... keep that white light streaming please...

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