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Monday, May 5, 2014

Today is Cinco de Mayo

I've been having a melt down... ok I admit it.  How much can a person take?  Well, today after unloading on several friends over the last few days as I became an agoraphobic... unable or willing to leave our home or Riley....  I'm back tonight.  I wandered over to Jim & Linda's this evening with a  Pete Lacey CD... so beautiful and ended up sharing dinner, a little dancing and loving conversation with our family...

T is coming home tomorrow!!!!   I must say after speaking with T twice this evening and actually meeting via Facetime, his first ever roommate... who just happens to be a BMT recipient within his first month of transplant - actually BMT was on the 17th with an unrelated donor from Germany - we're sooooo encouraged!!!!!  WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!  

Tomorrow we will meet our hosts for the summer after picking up the love of my life from Stanford...

Now I hope our sis, Toni, gets better!!!  Toni has had a hard time with the complications of asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia... good news?  Toni has given up smoking!!!  Yahoo!  Let's hope the inspiration of the gift of life helps Toni recover quickly.  We're gonna sign a lease agreement on a Palo Alto home tomorrow.  Please send white hot streaming healing  to our sis, Toni.... it's working for our T!!!

BTW:   Did anyone see 60 Minutes last night?  Major reprieve!!!   Cocktail every day?  yes sir! Carry a little extra weight?  No problem!!!  you want to live to a ripe old age?  Laugh a lot and enjoy yourself!!!

Carpe diem!!!

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  1. Howdy,
    Spoke w/Toni yesterday and so happy she's better. We are going to work on getting the flights for them today. Keep your fingers crossed ... last time we had a two week window. Praying we have enough points to make it happen. Love and prayers to you both. XXX