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Friday, May 2, 2014

Today is Friday, May 2nd

The latest:  T's leg had been very swollen and black & blue... T was in a lot of pain.... in his defense, he was putting off dealing with it 'cause he was 'sposed to be admitted on Wed. last.  Well, yesterday it all caught up with my stubborn strong, lately very sedentary man.  With his faithful sidekick, Riley in his blue bomber T went to Dr. Wu's (his local Oncologist) to have his PIC line dressing changed ... Kellye, Dr. Wu's nurse practitioner, took one look at his leg & served him the riot act... then, she called me. T needed IV antibiotics and probably lancing of the wound.  She said Dominican was an option, albeit a bad one ( cause they don't typically treat patients like T ) but Stanford was the solution.  We quickly mobilized but nothing is ever easy.  Wile I awaited T's return, I cancelled our apts for today and rental pick ups, and made tuna fish on toasted bagel for us.  Kellye had called Dr. Rezvani, BMT Doc and I called Michelle, the BMT coordinator.  Michelle said Rezvani was gone for the day ( it was almost 5:00) and Dr. Liedtke didn't want to take responsibility for admitting him.  Well, I wasn't having that.  "Did it make sense to have BMT candidate, neutrapenic T, battling an infection in an emergency room?"  I said Dr. Liedtke didn't have a history with T but Bruno did and not to take no for an answer.  She called me back with a yes from Liedtke BUT there weren't any beds available... to call admitting as we closed in on Stanford.... and then,  we received the best call ever:  Courtney, T's favorite nurse of all time who cared for T at the very beginning of this odyssey back in 2010 and many times since, called.  She said as soon as she heard T's name, she put his name on the board in place of a patient who was being discharged.  Then, she called to say "come on down to F Ground.  We've got your room."

That's all she wrote.  T's comfortable while they pump him full of antibiotics... they took a scan of his leg this morning and based on it, will decide next steps.  He's available on Facetime or at 650.498.3071.

He's not going anywhere soon and funny, neither am I....

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