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Monday, May 19, 2014

Today is D Day, Monday the 19th of May

Tracy has started the voyage back to health...  Stanford admittance to the Blood and Marrow Transplant unit where he entered the next stage of our odyssey.  We were welcomed by Dr. Rezvani and Matt Frank and his gorgeous nurse, Katy.

1st day of chemo and T is anxious to get started...  I'm home now... feeling kinda blue... very tough to leave T there for another bout but he's got the fortitude and the courage to make it through.  He's down to 215 lbs and supposedly he's lost 3/4 inches?  His height today was 6'3.25"...

More later...

Sunday in the sun...Tracy & Riley 
T packed & ready to go as Riley looks on
Katy getting T's labs


  1. We are keeping bright white light and prayers streaming to you and Tracey. This is what we've been waiting for and know that we are here for you both. I truly wish there were more I could do to help. Thank God for faith....it's what gets us through. Love to you Annie.. XXX

  2. Lots of prayers, love and pure light streaming to you Tracy and Anne Marie. You both are our strong heroes! And so is Riley!
    love from Jan & Tom