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Friday, July 3, 2015

Today is July 3rd

Happy almost 4th of July!!!!!

Amazing crazy busy work week!!!!  Wow!!!

14857 Payton Ave. received 8 offers and went WAY over list price of 1.088 on the 1st.
615 Cliff Drive received 4 offers and went way over list price of 1.049 tonight.
I listed 188 Seacliff Drive yesterday.... not to be on the MLS for 3 weeks but with a 'coming soon' sign which already has calls coming in.

Thank you Tracy for directing business my way...  I miss sharing with you... actually I just really miss you period...

Riley has been really upset by the fireworks the last 2 evenings.  I gave him 3 Melatonin last night and that relaxed him enough to allow for sleep so, we repeated again tonight.  I feel so bad for my boy but he's sleeping peacefully next to me now.

Made a cheesecake tonight for the party I was invited to tomorrow after the parade.  It was very hard to get going on it... I kept remembering my T standing next to me making the crust... didn't know whether I could proceed... it took a few tears and some sweet memories and then, I got the rolling pin out and got into smashing the graham crackers... adding the rest of the ingredients was easy after that.

One more step forward...

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!

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