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Friday, July 10, 2015

Today is Friday, July 10th

Death has allowed me the luxury to realize that capturing and experiencing those moments of spontaneity are what makes life worth living.

I know most of us are aware that this moment in time is all that we have.... but do any of us really get that?  I try to be conscious, slow down and truly feel but honestly, it takes a lot of effort to 'be here now'.  I vow to give it a go...

Been reading a lot more lately... Finished "The 4th Rule of Ten" awhile ago and looking for his 5th.  Tenzig's outlook on life has pushed me to be more 'aware' and check in with how my feelings and emotions are affected by events.... and they call it 'fiction'.

John & Shar are here from Cape Cod with Riley & I and I truly feel blessed.  This weekend we will celebrate Tracy's and many others valiant fight and raise awareness and money to fund Cancer research which allowed our gentle giant 3 years and 10 months past his diagnosis.

 I am truly blessed with extended family that will walk with us tomorrow and have donated to the cause.  There isn't anyone that hasn't been touched by the big C.

I thank you Jayne and Carla especially!!!  Jayne, without your amazing ability to manage, direct and handle so many bouncing balls I couldn't have survived the last 10 months and 22 days.  Carla for being my welcoming shoulder.  When I think of family, I know I'm blessed. Gary & Deb, Gary & Deanna, Jim & Linda, Alan, Marilyn, you are my rock stars always present and never too busy.... Love and white light and Tracy's gentle spirit surrounds us.

There aren't enough words to express how sincerely I thank all of you my family of friends for your guiding spirit....

Love, light and happiness!!!  

Tie dye reigns this weekend!!!

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