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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Today is Thursday, July 30th

Race for Trace banner mounted on our booth
Me, Marit, Jayne, Deanna, Tammy
 A Much healthier T on Buttons 

Me, Jayne, Jim, Linda, Carla, Shar, Deanna, Tammy, Judy, Johnny, Bob, Gary, Alan
Opening Ceremony

Carla, Deb
Me holding 49er Faithful Plaque- Johnny looking on

So many feelings...sadness, gratitude, loneliness, hopefulness, joy, longing, regret, thoughtfulness....

The clan surprised me with a gorgeous banner for the Relay, buttons with T's photo on them, photos to carry... and a plaque in honor of Tracy to be placed at the 49ers stadium.  During the Relay, I volunteered to be the American Cancer Society Ambassador for Santa Cruz County.  I have a lot of passion around getting the funding needed for research and my skill set /experience has been presenting to the electeds both in DC and Sacramento... we'll see... First I'm on a quest to figure out where the funding actually goes.

Anyway, I'm gradually getting used to the fact that T is not coming back... guess I was delusional for awhile but I'm now looking around my house; realizing that I'm responsible for it's care and feeding....argh...  Lucky for me,  I just closed the sale of 14857 Payton Ave. San Jose and am making a list of 'honey do's' that I'll have to have taken care of.... wishing for trustworthy folks to complete the many tasks including getting T's truck fixed.

With the Merry Widows yesterday, I realized I need to do a couple things in the house to make me feel safe and comfortable... all in good time.

Di gave me this photo mounted on glass and a beautiful memory for my birthday.... 2 years ago, Tracy and I were celebrating his remission and the twins' 50th birthday bash over the hill.  I was driving so, no alcohol for me but lots of fun, kibitzing and music.  T settled in with a glass of red wine and Di captured him looking at me harmonizing with Gar....


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