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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Today is Wednesday, March 19th

Argh....  no chemo on Mon.  Screwed up schedule by the coordinator and then, the trial guidelines would allow an infusion if T's liver numbers were 3x normal or up to 100.  T's were 108.  So, there we go another week down.  Frustrating, enervating and just plain depressing...

T's trying to keep a good attitude but it's not easy.

Had a nice weekend with a visit by the clan on Sat. night... they brought corned beef & cabbage and appetizers and desserts and we proceeded to play "Crimes against Humanity" and laugh our asses off....  as we consumed multiple cocktails... T was bartending and made a fab margarita!!!  T was on a roll cracking jokes and dropping some of the best lines in a humor duel with the Whit and the Reed...  It felt soooo good to relax and laugh!!!

We've been crazy trying to distract ourselves from the fact that we haven't heard from the Transplant folks or the Penn study.... so being the squeaky wheel... I finally decided to call Patrick the first person at Penn that I had spoken to and left a voicemail for him and then, I sent an email to the Dr.

Well, this morning about 7:30 we were called by a colleague of Patrick's verifying our number and saying that they'd tried several times to call to no avail....  she said that she'd 'reach out to the clinical administrator.'  and after I asked what time she thought she'd call by... she said she hoped it would be by 2:00 EST.  Well we waited... I passed on our sales meeting and we tried to keep our minds distracted.  I also left another message after our fax line rang (it reverses the last two numbers )... thinking perhaps they'd transposed our number.   Well, I just received an email from Patrick saying that they had been trying to call and had in fact transposed the number.  So, hopefully, tomorrow we'll actually talk to someone first thing in the morning....

one can only hope!!!!

Here's our buddy, Frank with a dungeness beauty that landed in my cooler last Fri.  I couldn't resist....

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  1. You WILL hear from Penn tomorrow and it WILL be GREAT news - prayer and white light to you both tonight!