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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Today is Tuesday, March 25th

Another week has elapsed and we're still in the dark... except that we now know definitively that Penn won't accept T unless he's relapsed.... and the bone marrow transplant can only be done if he's in remission... so there you go....  Penn was supposed to get in touch by tomorrow but we feel like that's a dead end for now.... T was given chemo yesterday and he's doing well.  Next Mon. will be the telling point..... bone marrow biopsy...

I, on the other hand, am crazed... between preparing for my tax apt. tomorrow and waiting for the phone to ring.  I am tired and cranky...

New listing at 1920 Maciel Ave. in Live Oak - a development opportunity at a little over 2 acres.

My Sereno office cleaned up the San Lorenzo river basin area in Santa Cruz on Sat. morning.  It was fun!  really quite surprised at the amount of cigarette butts but no needles...
Sandy, Marilyn, Shannon & I

Sereno Soquel & Aptos 

Spent the rest of the weekend preparing for my tax apt... argh!!!

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