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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Today is Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Another week has gone by.. we were assured Penn received T's file and told it's with the doctors.  We're awaiting word of a possible sibling match for the bone marrow transplant and we've finally decided that we have to increase our activities cause we're going stir crazy...

Having said that, yesterday T had his 2nd Inotusamab infusion and he's pretty punky.  The drs say he will continue on this drug until he either relapses or it's not effective... I guess that's pretty much the same thing.

So in the spirit of branching out... returning to life... we had dinner with the Halls at the Hindquarter on Sat. mmmm ribs and we took a ride up the coast Sun.  It was one of those gorgeous days filled with big puffy clouds as we loaded up the blue bomber with chairs, lunch and our pooch, Riley...even brought a book.  We returned to Scotts Creek, the source of T's unnamed virus back in 10/99 but we never ventured near the creek... the beach is easily accessible and not too far north of Davenport so, it was foreboding BUT we finally left those bad memories behind...

That says it all....

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  1. We are aiming the white light towards Rio Del Mar. Lots of prayers will continue to flood our minds for you both. Hugs and abundant love to you and T~