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Monday, March 3, 2014

Today is Monday, March 3rd

Interesting weekend... here are some photos from Rio Del Mar Beach at Platforms on Sat.

Tracy, Riley and I were shocked at the lack of shore and we kept having to run from the waves which actually crashed over the sidewalk in several places.  Fun adventure in between the raindrops.

I look forward to the annual award ceremony with all the glitz, glam and fun.  This year however, the Oscars were boring I'm sorry to say... I adore Ellen but she fell flat... the format wasn't her TV show and most of the gowns were just ok.  altho'  Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lawrence and Sandra Bullock were fab.  Gotta say the Jimmy Kimmel show with Kevin Spacey was way more entertaining than the awards...  I could watch Kevin for hours...  speaking of "House of Cards" is sooo good.  we're savoring it an episode at a time rather than last year devouring it all in 2 days.  Netflix streaming at it's best!!!

So, we're at Stanford again and we ran into Bruno when we arrived.  After a hug and a kiss, he responded with an "I told you so" when I related that I'd finally called Penn.  He's cautionary about it but when asked if it doesn't cure T, is transplant still an option, he said "absolutely".   All of this is so confusing but my gut still keeps telling me Penn is the solution.

So, due to problems with getting all the required paperwork prior to release of the chemo;  we wait as T dozes.  However, I've just been told that T's file has been sent to Penn. this morning.  Thank God for that!  I won't have to shoot anyone just yet....  only half kidding...

Anyway, keep the white light coming and don't be afraid to leave a comment... T & I love it!!!

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