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Monday, April 29, 2013

Today is Saturday, July 28th

When you're ready to sell again,  not just list your home; consider the fact that I'll really market your home on both sides of the hill & make sure that it's open & advertised every weekend until it sells.  I advertise on Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, MLS Listings, YouTube & Sereno for maximum exposure in addition to print advertising in the Sentinel & the Mercury News. I just sold 200 Sand St. Rio Del Mar in 8 days, 1656 Martin Ave, the Rose Garden in 10 days, a Milpitas listing in 4 days all within the last month. Homes are selling when they're given the right advertising & outreach. I also always do a video with original jazz music.   Your home will sell given the right amount of exposure.  I'd like the chance to try.  This is my neighborhood. I know how to sell it & I'd like the opportunity to  help you get it done. We just returned from a few glorious days in Paso to celebrate my birthday & Tracy.  Our 2nd trip in 3 years. We have survived the most horrible 24 months of our lives  but T is fighting & thriving even thru all the hellacious treatment & setbacks. Our art class - playing with clay, family & friends & walks on the beach sustain us; my business keeps my brain otherwise occupied & happy & staves off senior moments of senility.  Hee hee

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