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Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunday, April 28th

Here's a question I'm grappling with...  Why didn't we all choose to be politicians?  They are soo far above the rules that you and I play by.  Did you hear that our elected very quietly repealed the law that makes it illegal for them to benefit from insider trading?  If you or I used insider knowledge; we'd be prosecuted and end up in jail like Martha Stewart. How about the fact that the sequester had hampered air travel and the elected wanted to go home to their constituencies from DC and suddenly, within a week they drafted and passed legislation to get themselves home without delay.

How about the fact that my medical insurance premiums have gone up by 28% in just over a year and yet, had I been elected to federal office;  I'd have free medical for life... even if only elected to one term?  Why aren't the elected eligible for social security instead of their compensation for life with cost of living increases?  Why aren't those elected perks referred to as entitlements as well?

I am disgusted and frustrated that the media hasn't focussed on any of these issues and that we are constantly being ignored or our wishes denied.  90% of the people want gun control and the Senate can't get a bill passed.  Spineless bought and paid for politics at its best!!!  I'm sick of all of it...are you?  Now what do we do about it?

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