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Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday, April 29th

I have to say this has been an unbelievable month!!!  I just vented about the ridiculous nature of things seemingly beyond our control BUT I am also very thankful for a month of fabulous sights, sounds and business.  I'm intensely happy with life as it unfolds.

I sold 444 Whispering Pines #95 and closed it within 2 weeks;  sold 279 Aptos Beach Pines and represented those same sellers when they purchased 1220 Day Valley Trails and closed contiguously ...sold 207 Toledo Drive in 10 days and it'll close in a few weeks... now representing buyers on 1213 Andrew Lane and 84 Robak Drive and having fun with my new listing at 404 Arbolado Drive in La Selva Beach...  I've been referred to several new clients and just generally very happily busy figuring out how to solve the puzzles.  Oh yah!

On top of that,  we've heard some great music this month at Kuumbwa and the Rio theatre... Pharaoh Sanders and the Ray Charles tribute band featuring Tony Lindsay of Santana fame and Spang a Lang

Tony Lindsay & me
I knew Tony when I was single cause my hair stylist dated him and we all loved to dance to his music... almost 20 years ago... it was a blast hearing him again...  gotta go dancin' again soon... and last BUT definitely not least the Blue Sky Riders with Kenny Loggins... I can't get their music out of my head!!!

We also were treated to a visit by dear Connecticut friends, Patti Mulligan Githmark and Paul and we toured Monterey with our mates.  So great to see them again!!
The Beta Phi Beta Babes did Pebble Beach...

Anne Marie, Patti & Jayne

Anne Marie, Paul, Patty, Tracy, Jayne & Lou
Amazing sighting on our Rio Del Mar beach... 3 whales!!! If I could figure out how to add a movie I'd show you but I felt sooo blessed to see the huge fins and the outline of these humungous creatures... We've sighted them twice this week including yesterday... they are so close to shore in our little piece of the world and with that I'm going to bed....

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