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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday into April Fool's Day

It's the wee small hours of the morning and I'm awake for some insane reason... woke up to pain in my back and the sound of rain drops on the roof and  the thought that I had to reorder my Netflix queue...huh?  so I did... reorder the queue...

We had a very peaceful Easter... it had rained Sat. night and the air was clean and the sun appeared on schedule to warm our morning so that our walk on the beach was on wonderfully compacted sand in a negative tide as the air caressed.  We walked quietly wishing all a good morning and a Happy Easter as we tried to find our way...  sometimes talking is hard... we misunderstand each other's intent and there in starts the trouble....

Listening to the last hour of  "Prairie Home Companion" and  "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" we ate our breakfast and relaxed.  I felt truly grateful for a day off.  It doesn't happen very often.  I enjoyed the chance to just be.  We had been to Carol and Chuck's for a wonderful happy hour on Sat. after an open house at 207 Toledo Dr. filled with folks and we were off to an intimate Easter celebration at Carla's... a gathering of  Tim, Marit, Carla, Hayley and T and I.  We sat and talked and decorated eggs... Marit and Tim were competing for top honors... Tim with the egga Pope and Marit with Marie Antoinegg.

Marit's Marie with her head

and Beheaded

Tim's The Egg Pape 

We all did at least one egg if only for presents... dinner was delicious with ham and scalloped potatoes, carrots and salad and cheesecake made by T & A.  On our way home, we swung by Jayne's and brought a plate and greeted Lynn & Bob.  Flowers are in bloom and the Joseph's coat roses are spectacular at their home.

Quietly we wound our way home in the rain showers in time to see "The Good Wife" and climb into bed.  A very good day...

We watched "Flight"  and "The Sessions" Friday evening... Flight was pretty hard to watch as the addiction took hold of Denzel but the movie was compelling.  The Sessions was outstanding!!!  I highly recommend it!!  Amazing acting and such an amazing young man and Helen Hunt was truly great!! Humanity is the perfect enigma and some people thrive no matter what they face...

Played with clay for a few hours on Friday as I coached a first time buyer on the art of making an offer.  I had sculpted a Dungeness crab that needed the finishing touches of glazing and the mermaid is drying and just about a week away from firing.  Tracy's seal is all ready adorning a post... wow!

Annie glazing the crab

T's Seal

444 Whispering Pines #95 just closed escrow and Anjuna is free again to enjoy some free time.  My other 2 escrows are moving along steadily towards fruition.  We'll be reviewing offers on 207 Toledo Dr. on Wed. and I hope they bring happiness to both the buyers and the sellers.... Win Win

Happy Easter and Happy Passover!!!  I'm going back to sleep... I hope....

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