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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Today is Thursday, October 18th

I find myself writing more personal emails lately and sending notes (altho' sometimes we forget to send them )...  ah the beauty of the coast is entrancing and work has been all consuming and playing with clay has captured me yet again.  It's great to have different and yet all consuming interests.  We are very blessed.

Last Friday, Tracy, Riley and I were strolling on the beach in the most glorious early morning sunshine when we were startled from serving up the ball for Riley.  The huge pods of dolphin were all over the horizon on the waves, dancing and frolicking everywhere we looked.  All of a sudden,  the waves set up so that they were rolling in large sets and through the clear green water at the crest, two extra special dolphin surfed directly at us.  A small group of folks had gathered and we all responded with hoots and cheers of amazement... Awesome and goose pimply and blessed we were and oh so content... and shit eating grins were had by all...

Tracy has had a few more aches and pains and wrenching cramps as we wind towards his last two treatments.  After, he starts on a monthly check up at Stanford which we hope will gradually be extended to 6 weeks and then, quarterly...keep sending that healing white light to surround our T.  Amazing that the 15th of October we passed the two year anniversary of his diagnosis and his first Stanford stay.  We've survived... hoping for the best and trying not to worry.  Remission is a heavy state.... And the Giants are in the playoffs once again!  That distraction got us through the first time around.... Participating in Roddy's Celebration of Life this past Sunday was an awe inspiring event that makes one stop and realize that we don't have forever but what we do have we must seize and squeeze every delicious drop out of... as Roddy truly did... His courage and zest for life was truly inspiring and Rowena, his wife and his children will always carry his spirit with them... as we all do who were lucky enough to know him...

A dear friend Gini is fast walking the Big Sur Marathon for Tracy next month.  I'm amazed by her courage and blessed to know she walks for a cure.  Her team has raised a $100,000 which will fund a full time researcher for a year at Stanford.  Who knows?  He/ she may find T's cure!

My beloved brother, Johnny has received the best news!  He is in stage one so, tho' the treatment is rigorous it WILL stop the insidious cancer and hopefully, we'll all celebrate on the beach sometime soon.

Whenever I have had a heavy change of direction or attitude; I seem to mark the change by losing some piece of jewelry or favorite item of clothing... No surprise:  I seem to have lost my favorite sweater sometime over the last month plus.... sometimes I find those missing items... most times they're gone for good marking the change ... I hope my sweater finds its way back to me... it was one of a kind and a present from my hubby.


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