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Friday, October 19, 2012

Today is Friday, October 19th

As I slowly drift into consciousness,  I choose what will give me pleasure today.  I believe that we are put here on earth not to suffer but to learn and teach and leave this world a better place... and when we find that certain something that gives us joy we must embrace it and follow it's lead....  Today will be a fun day!  We'll walk down to our beach when our alarm clock, that would be Riley, stirs us at precisely the same time  ... how does he do it, every morning at the same time?  We just roll with it...  Some days I can't accompany my boys but the best days are when we all take the stroll... the marine life is abundant ... October is a truly beautiful time of year on the coast.

Then, we come back to our morning things... mmm coffee brewed from beans and cooked oatmeal or eggs or pancakes and the papers... today we'll play with clay.  I'm working on several pieces.  A bas relief of Cenz in profile.  I'm using the photo I took in '89 at the Louvre where life is imitating art...

The only problem is my skill, 'tho I'm using paper clay for the first time on my otter and loving it!  It's so forgiving... I can't seem to get Cenz' eye right with the 50/50 red clay... those big beautiful expressive blue eyes... but I'll keep on trying.  I'm also working on another otter.  Can't seem to get enough of those rascally cuddlies...

I'll finish the afternoon with a listing appointment which will give me the opportunity to meet a new friend.  She was referred by Barry, the dog whisperer, at Wag More Farms.  I look forward to this glorious day!

This evening we'll cheer the Giants on to victory we hope!!!  It's their last chance... we watched and then listened to the game last evening until we arrived at the Sons of Italy meeting.  Great to see old friends and new.  We definitely participated as there was a vote to change the venue for next years barbecue from the Crossetti ranch to a place in Corralitos.  Finally after much haggling we will return to the Crossetti ranch next July.

One little back step... Tracy is back on Neupogen cause his counts are too low.  Surround our boy with love and white healing light and go out and enjoy the day!!!!

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