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Monday, October 29, 2012

Today is Monday, October 29th

As Hurricane Sandy hits the East coast, we watch the news hoping that the worst is not too much to bear.  Johnny is safe and I hope the rest of our family in Florida and Connecticut friends are also safe.  Maren is posting to Facebook and we're hoping she's safe at home in North Beach, Md.  And there are still people who don't believe that our climates are changing.....

We've been rolling with the ups and downs a lot lately... I've been trying to stay positive throughout Tracy's many mood changes wrought by aches and pains the result of way too many Neupogen shots and who knows what else....  The communication breakdown between Bruno at Stanford and Dr. Wu's office in Santa Cruz is the latest debacle...  After much discussion where we've acknowledged no one will concede their error, Tracy was the victim.  T had started having his mid month labs done back in Dr. Wu's office.  T's counts had been on the low side lately and we'd accepted that that just may be what's normal for our T.  Well, Dr. Wu's office isn't used to that and apparently, altho' they are supposed to be on the same system as Stanford; who knows whether they are looking at the same tests? So, we received a call on the 18th from Kellye (at Dr. Wu's office) stating that she'd been told by Bruno to have Tracy start Neupogen shots...Thurs, Fri and Sat.... to drive those counts back up.  T started immediately and neither one of us questioned what the counts actually were.  Poor T started having terrible joint pains and shooting pains through his feet and cramping.  I tried to help and mostly stay out of his way. On Mon. another call came in to continue with 3 more shots.  Neither one of us questioned it altho' I became kinda suspicious... nobody had checked his labs again so why?

Well, when we saw Bruno on Fri. T's counts were very high and I asked why he'd told them to start the Neupogen.  Bruno made some excuse around his being in the midst of something else and not really being able to see T's labs.  So, I pressed the question but to no avail.  As Jim said, Bruno's never going to admit he may have been wrong.  The sad part was the fact that Tracy had to suffer through and we're back to questioning everything. We'd become complacent and we're back to being vigilant.  Perhaps thats a good thing...time will tell ... Bruno was in a talkative mood... he advised us to avoid using Dr. Wu's office and just not get the mid month labs since "they tried to kill you last year didn't they?"... reminiscing about the fact that T had survived his initial 2010 Stanford stay by cheering the Giants on to win the World Series & we were hoping that they'd repeat the victory just as T had.  Then, Bruno retorted with " you're living on borrowed time" and that he remembered a lot of tears ( that would be me ) when he gave us the diagnosis.  I've been reeling over that phrasing all weekend.  Tact, not much but we do have Bruno to thank and we continually do.  Tracy is feeling great as of Sunday... the steroids have kicked in....

Several buyers are circling and I've tried to be home in time to watch most of each of the Giants march towards their World Series win... what a series!!!  what a sweep!!!!   and the 49ers are rolling along... aren't we the happy bay area sports fans!!!

Sean & Tracy as Frankenstein 
Tracy was entertaining the neighborhood kids at Sean & Bina's.....Happy Hallowe'en!!!!!!

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