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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Today is Sunday, August 19th

I'm disgusted with the lies that the Romney Ryan ticket is spreading... how do people that are running for the highest office of our nation dare to speak such double talk and lies??!!!   How are we going to survive the next few months?

On to other important stuff... Tracy is doing well... had an ultrasound and met with our GP and is due to see a GI specialist this Wed.... all prior to seeing Bruno next week on the 31st.  He's back to normal without those horrible chest pains like bands around his abdomen.  So, if he had gall stones don't you think he'd be in pain when he ate or at least sometimes?  We're stumped but thankful that his toe is healing and he doesn't have those terrible pains.  I'm looking forward to T being able to walk with us on the beach.

I'm doing my best to stay above the fray but there are times when all I can think of is a walk on the beach.  Hoping to take a few days in September where I don't even answer the phone... Ha!  Yah sure..

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