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Friday, August 10, 2012

Today is Friday, August 10th

Thank you for all your good thoughts and healing white light!!!

Tracy is exhausted but coming around slowly but surely... our boy is getting stronger every day.  The real issue is what are we going to do about the gleam we see in all these doctors' eyes when they perceive the puzzle... Is Tracy suffering from a gall stone?  Is it his spleen?  How many different doctors and tests can he suffer through??  I guess we'll see as we check off each specialty and sift through the data... I'm still saying that I think it's his body finally rejecting the chemo...

Gary & Deanna are on their way to New York and Jayne and Lou are on their way to Holland....Bon voyage my lovelies!!!

Sand St. closed last week.  Martin Ave. will close by next Fri. to accommodate the expectant Mom -quite a bit earlier than planned.  Seacliff Ave will also close next week and I'll be so glad to have been a part of securing a new home for Carol and Chuck...  It's a wonderful thing!!!

Bless all our athletes!!!  2012 Olympics are great fun!!!   I've totally enjoyed cheering USA on and this evening simultaneously the pre-season 49er win over the Vikings!  Go USA! Go Niners!!

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