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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Today is Thursday, August 9th

Many times over the last few weeks I've thought about how blessed we are.  I've even repeated to myself that I must take a snapshot to remember when times get tough.  We've done a bit of traveling... went down to Paso Robles with Johnny & Shar and the gang.... had an absolute blast! Celebrated my b'day and Shar's, Pat's, Mo's and Judy's all Leo goddesses!  Lots of fun events, lunches & dinners with family and friends and times to cherish.

Then, we did a repeat: a deja vu this morning.  I'm not a rocket scientist but it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to notice that exactly one month ago almost to the moment... Tracy woke me @ 2:15AM this morning and said he needed to go to the emergency room.  Now the same sequence had been repeated.  T had Vincristine (chemo) on Fri. and took 5 days of Dexomethosone finishing yesterday.  The exact same thing happened 4 weeks ago.  T was immediately taken into the emergency room at Dominican altho' this time we knew it wasn't a heart attack...  EKG, Cat scan, blood draws, blood pressure etc. After I realized how weird this repeat was, we talked through the uncanny coincidence with several doctors.  T & I talked and after he was told once again that he couldn't even have water because of the possibility of surgery to remove his spleen;  I made sure T realized that he could say he wasn't having surgery today... that gave him the opportunity to have multiple opinions rather than one.  Tracy had had a 6 week break before his July treatment.    Somehow I think there's more to it than coincidence.  Maybe our boy's body is saying "NO MORE!!!!"  I called Bruno and was able to connect him with the Dr. @ Dominican.  Now they're saying that it could be a stone in his gall bladder and not his spleen.

Anyway, he's sleeping peacefully after finally getting some tea, scrambled eggs, toast & yogurt into his system this evening.  He was feeling empty but relaxed after 2 morphine drips today and totally disoriented ( is it morning yet? ).  He hadn't really slept at all until I rescued him and brought him home.  Riley won't leave his daddy and neither will I...

We have an apt. with Suzy Nassralla ( our GP ) at 8:50 AM tomorrow.

Stay tuned and keep surrounding our guy with white light please....

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  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear. I am sending lots of pure white light and asking for blessings of healing and grace. Hang in there kids. Yikes
    Jan & Tom & Jakey