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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Today is Thursday, Sept. 6th

OK... OK... it's been awhile.  I've been peddling as fast as I can and now, finally, I'm taking a little break.  We've gone through all kinds of stress based around T's painful episodes landing him in the emergency room and then, the hospital the last 2 months.  I've been really apprehensive for the last 2 days that tonight was going to be a repeat performance... well so far so good.  I made some grilled salmon and artichokes for dinner ( nice and healthy) with a strawberry, blueberry & raspberry compote smothered in whipped cream dessert to counteract any issue with T's gallstone.  So, I'm hoping that will be the last of that scare.  Bruno almost didn't give T his chemo last Fri based on the aftermath of the uncanny coincidence.  T had to convince Bruno that he was up to it and he did.  Imagine asking for chemo but after all it's been our T's saving grace....

It's truly amazing how we've grown in the last two years and how thankful we are to have survived this cruel ordeal.  When at Stanford, we are both acutely aware of the varying stages of this debilitating disease ... we can't avoid it.. it surrounds us and overwhelms us that we are coming out the other side... Friday, we met a wonderful couple from Oakland in the ITA.  He was being prepared for his second bone marrow transplant this Friday.  The conversation started with me admiring her red shoes and then, we distracted each other as we absorbed each of our husband's journey.  I'm very aware that T has escaped so far so good.  This couple had moved to a condo in Mt. View last April to begin this preparation for the transplant. He was an attorney and now an anxious patient just like all the rest.  It's a leveling agent, cancer is.  It brings one down to their knees and teaches them and their loved ones what they're made of and just how much they will do for survival.  I've been very reflective the last few months.... and very slow to record my thoughts and moods.

I was brought to tears and cheers this evening as I watched Bill Clinton make the logical and very lucid argument for Obama's re-election.  Amazing how he can cut very complicated issues down to chewable bites.  Thank God for he and Michelle!!!  I hope this country is listening....

We have survived and we're gathering our strengths for the final push....  I've had 2 very stressful deals that are now over and hopefully, T will be able to cope with the final stages of this protocol.... 3 more treatments to go and oh by the way;  his toe seems to be healing.  Not sure if I ever mentioned that the night my family left, T got up in the dark (we were watching a movie ) and walked into the coffee table.  He broke the third toe on his left foot right where it joins the ball of the foot.  Poor guy has missed walking on the beach for a month  BUT this past weekend he joined Riley & I back on our daily saunter down to the shore.   We've been amazed by the wildlife this past weekend... besides the huge amount of tourists (hee hee)!  dolphins, seals and huge pelicans swooping into the same pile playing and spinning and eating.... WOW!  Even watched a fisherman land about an 8 lb. striped bass right from the shore.  Amazing and keeps reinforcing how lucky we are to live here and truly blessed to be here now....

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