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Friday, September 21, 2012

Today is Friday, Sept. 21st

Brian's Wedding 9/6/2012
I thought it was a good time to update my profile with a new photo but for some reason; I couldn't get it done.  There you have it.  This photo was from Brian's gorgeous wedding to the lovely Angela.  An absolutely exquisite wedding and the lovely couple did it all... What a phenomenal venue- The Mountain Terrace in Woodside and Angela executed every detail with so much loving care!!!  I wish them all the best... they deserve it!!!

The weather has been simply breath taking... the dophins and seals have been everywhere and we're the lucky ones witnessing their antics almost everyday....

 Catching up again cause I'm unable to sleep... I hope the bad news is over.... it just doesn't get any easier.... agita...acid reflux has been playing havoc with me...that's how I handle stress...

  We lost our valiant, well loved Roddy on Sept. 7th.  He finally lost the lung cancer battle which he so brilliantly fought for the last 4 years and serenely passed on with his family surrounding him.  We had driven up to Tahoe to get away for a few days ( our first trip to Tahoe in many many years and Riley's first ) and the news was very hard to digest.  I spent a few days battling grief, altitude sickness and agita while we adjusted to life in a different locale....  we are so entrenched in our own little world and comfort zone here on the coast... not traveling for over 2 years may have dampened our traveling spirits...

The next terrible news yesterday was my Johnny has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  He's being probed and tested to determine the degree he's been invaded and to figure out the appropriate treatment needed very quickly.  Everywhere I look I see him and surround him with white healing light.  How? Why?  I'm so sick of cancer!!!!

The last straw was our beloved Evelyn passed away in the early morning Thursday.  She would have been 91 in a few days and we will miss her terribly.  She was of stubborn Maine stock and was an amazing lady of grace ... she and Allan had been a huge part of our lives in the last few years.  Evelyn had broken her pelvis about a month ago and had had a very hard time accepting that it would take a long time to heal...  Riley will miss her especially...she always had a good word and a treat for him...

Our Tracy went to the dentist this morning cause he's in dire need of dental attention... the radiation and the chemo have battered his teeth and I'm scared that by disturbing the decayed roots...who knows?  I'm not ashamed to say I'm scared but he's in pain so, something has to give.

I feel battered and bruised and my stomach just couldn't handle much more today.... went on tour with my buddy, Marilyn this morning and continued on my own for a few more homes this afternoon until I felt that I'd seen enough and went home to rest my weary bones....  took a pass on a Sereno celebration cause I knew I needed to just be at home....

It just doesn't get any easier.... but tomorrow will bring a new day... thank God for that!!!

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  1. I'm sorry for all your loss and troubling news. Wow- what a GREAT pic of you two - it says a lot about how far you've come. AND...Happy happy birthday to Tracy!
    Jan & Tom