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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Today is Tuesday, May 19th

Today marks 9 months by date since T left our midst.

Grief is like a spiral staircase… up and down but I seem to grieve and then, force myself to get out of my head and aching heart.  I’m back to work and fortunately, now I have established boundaries… wish I’d had more of that when T was alive…  I’ve been extremely busy with work and trying to slowly… creep out to the things that may bring joy… last Sat. I went to a juried Clay show at Bargetto and then, on to a few open studios in SC with a couple of my art buddies.  I am slowly, very slowly creeping into my new life. The rest of the time I take refuge in work and Riley.  

Most folks, some friends think I should move on and I have… away from them.  I’m soo happy to hear when the merry widows begin to enjoy life with family and friends.  It gives me hope…  

I have a lot of paperwork to handle today… put my listing 254 Blue Ridge into contract and the Sellers are in contract on their new Corralitos home… Thank you God!!! and T, cause I think he’s pulling the strings.  Then, off to my grieving widows support group and tonight - a singing class.  Ahhhhh

Hang in there... I wish I could have said to T.......  that's my theme lately but I am letting him know what I would have said with more time...

Just finished "The First and Second Rule of Ten" book gifts from Carla and just loved them... gotta find the Third in the series... He's an ex Buddhist monk, now Private Detective and I'm learning from his ways of dealing with life...  and being in the present conscious of our bodies and thoughts...



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