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Monday, April 20, 2015

Today is Monday, April 20th

Oh my goodness!!!  Tracy has been lifting me up and pushing me forward.   Easter surrounded by loved ones supported my soul and allowed me to see that life does go on... Lots of people have crosses to bear and losses so unbelievably mind shattering....  I'm so grateful that I had 21 years with the love of my life... I can keep my T close to my heart forever.... I AM GRATEFUL!!!!

I witnessed 3 humpback whales and lots of dolphin playing about 75 yds off the sand a week ago when, for the first time in about 3 months, I was able to walk the hard packed sand of low tide on our wonderful beach..  T brought them to Riley and I.....Wow!!! Tried to catch it by photo and no luck... you know how that is... been doing physical therapy for my knee and back for several months now... that and exercising every day whether I feel like it or not has helped.  My Ortho, after 6 weeks of therapy, relented on surgery for my torn meniscus and suggested I stick with the exercise and check when or if needed.... ahhhh...

Amazing how gratitude attracts like and love...  I have been extremely busy with business over the last week.  wow a way to pay back and move forward and T is pushing... and then, a call for jury service.  Instructed to appear at 1:00 today... the criminal trial sounded boring and not the one trial I would have liked to be a part of right now.  I do respect our right to a fair and just trial but I'm not retired and am in the early process of getting back into the rhythm of life and work again and hopefully, earning some $$$$... somebody has to make the donuts...  this criminal trial was part of the reason why I decided NOT to go to law school.... can't discuss BUT after I was called as an alternate and then, a juror today;  I was asked if I'd ever witnessed police brutality... I guess my remembrance of protesting the Viet Nam war and feeling, fearing and witnessing first hand the brutality and rolling under the tear gas shaped my life experiences.  'Course the Prosecuting Attorney didn't like hearing that and in voir dire dismissed me...ahhh... Thank goodness!!!  I'll be looking forward to serving sometime when I'm retired...

Relationships, love and support are what it's all about...

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