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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Today is Wednesday, March 25th

Day by day I feel stronger and then, the wave rolls in.... enough of that.

Life has become more interesting.  I've made some new widow friends and that is very satisfying.  We all intimately know those ups and downs...

I'd like to share some great news!!!

1.  Tracy's outgoing message on our voicemail is recovered!!!!  or maybe I should say uncovered?
I couldn't seem to figure out where the computer message was coming from.. Comcast had canceled our VM at my request and still, this message kept on interrupting phone calls by answering on the first ring.  Finally, I happened to look at the base for an additional set of portable phones on T's side of the bed (we have 3 sets of portable phones in our home so, if we needed help, there was a phone nearby BTW: you can't seem to buy portables without answering capability).  The light was flashing and there were 19 messages on it.  We had never used that as our answering machine but somehow the power loss triggered it into use.  So, this morning after a restful sleep; I decided I needed to put a new message on VM.  Called into it first and there was Tracy... We're the McAnellis again!!!

2.  The Property Mgr. has found a new renter and I couldn't be happier!!!  A family of 5 who own La Manzana bakery in Watsonville will move in on April 1st.  Yahoo!!!

   Day by day... here's a bit of prose that rings true for me:

"This is my journey.  I am the one who knows what I've lost.  I am the one left to live this life, and I have to discover what's possible for me."

Here's to the journey!!!  

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