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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Today is Tuesday, February 10th

Riding the waves... interesting how a book and support group can affect my outlook so radically.  Of course some things never change... like my love of procrastination... I'm 'sposed to be putting the paperwork together for taxes... guess what I'm doing instead?

Some things I've recognized and some I'm learning how to embrace:

I am responsible for my decisions and my life.

No one gets out of this life untouched by loss.

I choose the way I want to think; even by my indecision.

Alcohol doesn't help.

Fear is my enemy.

We are all alone and all individuals whether in a relationship or not.

Music is very important to me.

Solving the puzzle, finding the solution moves me.

I will find joy again.

Riley is very important and won't be here forever.

My T man is not coming back.

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