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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Today is Thursday, December 4th

Today is the 25th anniversary of my Dad's passing...  Doesn't seem possible but the world certainly has changed... I was living in DC and working for Apple... my 1st go round with Apple ... there were 2 subsequent episodes with Apple ... yes, I'm one of the retreads... and Daddy had been ill for a long time...  miss him but hopefully, he's up there getting to know T...

Fast forward to Thanksgiving week this year shared with Johnny & Shar and dear extended family...
Shar, Riley & Johnny relaxing
How do you like that?  Riley moved right in between J&S.  So, lots of memories rekindled... as I experienced the firsts... our Anniversary, Thanksgiving and family made it bearable...

Night before our 1st European trip together

So young
Dire dilemma with my nasty tenants and thank God they moved out unexpectedly on the 1st... they left me with a big decision to make after I resurrect the house they trashed... life truly is living with plan B.

Good news?  I'm evolving slowly, oh so slowly... but surely.... the new me that must learn to live without my T.

Sereno asked for memory football, cheerleader, twirler photos from our past for our Annual Celebration .... Ha!  couldn't find my cheerleader photo from Michael J. Whalen Junior High  BUT

That would be me.....

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