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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Today is Saturday, Dec. 20th

Celebrated Johnny's birthday with he and Shar at the Angler's Club in Hyannis last night.. great spot to eat and relax...
That's lobster & shrimp alfredo-mmmmmm!

... first time we've been together on his B'day since he turned 60 and we surprised him.  So amazing to finally arrive after a comedy of errors kept growing around my ill fated plane trip.  What was to be an easy flight from San Jose to LA and then, direct to Boston... became 3 different ill fated segments that turned into a night in Chicago, a loss of my scarf and gold survivor bracelet (28 years ago I bought it for myself after I survived moving to DC) and finally an almost on-time flight from Chicago to Boston yesterday; where Johnny & Shar picked me up on arrival.

Had breakfast/lunch with Jay, Holly, Arwin & Ethan today...  Cape Cod is all that and more...

I'm so thankful to be here surrounded by my beloved Shar and Johnny... I feel Tracy's spirit is prodding me; hoping he'll visit with me sometime soon...

Riley is well taken care of by Alan and I do hope the Christmas spirit is sunny and bright and surrounds each and everyone of you....

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  1. Hope you have a relaxing holiday with family and friends. The T man is right on your shoulder. ;)
    Merry Christmas!!
    Love ya,