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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Today is Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Wow!  What an amazing trip it's been... sometimes I need to remind myself that it is the journey not the reward...

As we wind into Indian summer, I'm thinking about all the lessons that life brings us.  The balmy nights remind me of growing up on the East coast where we squeezed every last moment from the summer 'cause we knew winter was on it's way...

A high school friend and his wife, David & Donna Cosenza are visiting from Connecticut and it's been a delight to catch up with them.  Jayne, David and I were on the reminiscing trail on Sunday at a delicious BBQ complete with mariachis...  we also toasted Tom's continuing recovery from his Cancer bout...Yay Tom!!!

Gary & Deanna hosted us @ Shakespeare Santa Cruz in the Glen Sat. night.... Taming of the Shrew was well done and marked the end of the season and hopefully, NOT the end of the program.  A sudden announcement this past week that the program was under financed and that the university had decided not to continue their underwriting shocked the community.  We'll see where this goes...

Sometimes I wonder why some lessons are so hard... am I not listening?

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor day weekend now... Get back to work!!!

Ha! Ha!

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