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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Today is Wed. August 28th

I know, I know it's been a very long time!!!  All I can say is life got in the way...

As our traditional summer winds into a glorious Indian summer;  the coast is balmy and warm and very interesting...

So, let's play catch up, shall we?

Last time I wrote we had just done the Sereno Texas Hold'em Relay for Life.  Well, since then, we've participated in 2 more Relays that I can remember:  Drumming out Cancer in Santa Clara

 and the Cancer Avengers at Cabrillo College in Aptos.  We've also, contributed to a few more but haven't been able to participate.  The Relays are amazing triumphs of will and courage and I feel so lucky to be able to stand up and stare this cancer beast in the face and damn it all to hell....

Tracy and I go to Stanford today for his 6 week check up and as always the case;  I'm anxious and a little scared cause this time around he's lost some weight and had lots of cramping in his legs and hands.  He says he's lost the weight intentionally and I know it gives him control but I don't like it.  There I've said it...  
T in Betsy's studio 6/2013

Lots of amazing times with friends and family- dinners and game nights and a special July trip to Paso Robles for the fair and birthday celebrations that Johnny & Shar came into town for.

I've been working pretty hard and had some wonderful escrows with truly great folks.  259 Dry Creek Rd and 236 Meadow Rd. with Carly and Bruce were fun, stressful and enlightening as we evolved into friendship...  Janet & Tom found a gorgeous Bonny Doon home in the sun and 404 Arbolado Dr. in La Selva Beach closes today.  Wow!!!   Gary & Sally are in contract on a Seacliff beauty and I have a couple acres of development potential listed in Live Oak...  yahoo!

I finally sat down and vented and here's that 90 second rant that was broadcast on KUSP Aug. 14th:

The saddest point in the last few months... we lost Betsy last week.  May she rest in eternal peace

Anyway, I'm back and ready to write again.

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