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Monday, September 9, 2013

Today is Monday, September 9th

In my life, there is nothing so constant as change...  unfolding, swirling emotional twists...

I need to rant about this new proposal from this otherwise sane administration as we approach the anniversary of 9/11.  How could anyone look at bombing Syria seriously?  The sides are abominable- Hezbollah or Al Queda?  Who cares?  Let them work it out themselves... I've read that this wasn't the first time they've gassed their own people and I wonder why at this juncture, we would want to get involved.  Our most important allies in the United Nations aren't willing to get involved.  The Arab nations are perfectly willing to stay out of it.  Why us?  Why now?

I cannot see where bombing Syria solves anything.  If we truly look at the consequences... I believe that it's a 'here we go again' war in a place we don't belong with enemies that would love to retaliate.  The USA doesn't need to be the world's peace keeper.  The United Nations should be serving in that role.

We accomplish nothing by bombing Syria!!!  Other than, another involvement in a place we don't belong with abundant enemies and no true friends and a lot to lose.  Have we NOT learned our lessons with Viet Nam, Afghanistan and Iraq????

Will someone stand up and speak the truth?!!!

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