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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Today is Tuesday, February 5th

It's Cenz's birthday or it would have been his 62nd were he still here gracing our lives.  I really felt him this morning and then, my phone rang.  It was Frieda, Carol Feen calling to reminisce.  Frieda was Cenz's first true love and very dear friend.  They were grounded in reality way back when and shared very deep feelings about who they were becoming.... they decided at a very young age 9 or 10? that they didn't want love to be limited by gender, race or creed...that whomever they were lucky enough to fall in love with wouldn't be shortchanged by conventional thinking.  How amazing to know oneself that well at such a young age and then to live their lives accordingly!  As Frieda and I spoke this morning, I shed a few tears of joy that someone else still remembered my brother and cared enough to share.  Frieda lives in Northern Ca. and has an amazingly gifted voice. She's not singing right now but she is writing and I'm just so glad she is still on this plane..

I've found it very difficult to continue writing on a regular basis.  When T was ill, it was the means to get the word out and it was cathartic for me.  My motivation and mood has changed.  I'm engrossed in assisting my clients with their real estate goals and the real estate market has changed substantially.  As a  result of very low home inventory, we're seeing multiple offers and crazy price spikes.  It makes for very jittery buyers and sellers.  I represented a buyer over the weekend where the deadline for the counter offer was completely ignored and an offer was accepted prematurely.  That meant the seller was NOT well represented.  Who knows whether any of the buyers were willing to bring more money to the table.  The seller certainly won't ever know.  Stupid in my book.  Shame on the listing agent and we'll find another home for my buyer.  And so the story unfolds.

Tracy and I have started to slowly but surely get out a bit more.  We went to our Sereno Celebration on the 25th of Jan.

It was a fun time even tho' a bit subdued compared to last year.  The music was a little too techno and loud so the room cleared pretty early.  Also been to Kuumbwaa Jazz Society recently to hear Joe Lovano, a phenomenal sax player backed by Esperanza Spaulding.  A little too much progressive jazz but oh so much fun to be surrounded by music again...

Life is a series of adventures and other than a dose of this bug that's gone around which kept us from Michael's Super Bowl extravaganza... we're doing well.  I must say I am disappointed in the Niners that showed up to duel with the Ravens... the Ravens definitely played a better game....  Next year?

BTW:  I've been using a free app called "Lose it!"  and guess what?  I've lost 10 lbs over the holidays!!!! Yahoo!!!  It's like Weight Watchers in that it forces you to acknowledge each and every bite and consciously avoid empty grazing.  I'd like to lose a few more but I now know it's possible...

Anything and everything we can imagine is possible.... love to all!!!

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