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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Today is Tuesday, October 27th 2020

I awoke with a blog in my head... only 4 hours sleep but an idea yearning to be told...

One week until election day and the whole world is watching and frightened.  My world has been disrupted by Covid19 along with countless others... sleepless nights...fear of exposure forces me indoors socially distanced from most... which leaves me talking to myself and poking fun at anything and everything including myself... 

The orange con man has taken us all for a ride...our country has been brutalized by this 4 year old who seeks self aggrandizement at every turn... everything we took for granted as decent and moral has been stomped on by this petulant vindictive child.  The final blow was the elevation... the stuffing of Amy Barrett on the Supreme Court yesterday.  In one fell swoop the court has severed its status as a third separate branch of our government and become a lethal arm of the president, a campaign ad and a political cartoon.  Who was it that said "What have you got to lose?"

Everything is at stake. Our way of life is at stake. Democracy, our Republic is at stake.  The comparisons to Hitler's rise can't be ignored.  Slowly but surely, he and his enabling Republicans have stripped away all the safeguards to ensure their power can't be disrupted.  Even our faith in the Post Office has been destroyed while his henchman has demoralized and deconstructed their basic way of doing business.  At every turn, this con man with the guiding hand of Moscow Mitch has stolen the sacred accepted tenets of government and substituted chaos.  

I have found faith... the Biden Harris ticket must prevail and Joe and Kamala must rewrite the wrongs and prosecute the demons...  FAITH is the only thing that will sustain us in the coming week and action:

                                                    VOTE BLUE!!!!

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