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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Today is Sunday, October 25th, 2020

 Happy birthday Gar!  Yup there have been several b'days recently and we've celebrated in very small groups which are socially distanced... and our masks are never far from our faces.  I'm feeling fine except for a small tweak on the muscle that feeds my right knee... I am very grateful to be alive and healthy!!!

As the countdown to the election is moving quickly, I'm looking forward to change... seems like everyone has finally gotten the message...VOTE!!!  It's gratifying to see people exercising their civic duty even in the face of long lines and intimidation.  I'm hopeful for our United States.

Been doing a lot of hiking lately and enjoying it!  The air is clear and the temperatures are slowly returning to the 60-70's.  Perfect!  So, as I contemplate my navel and anticipate the Niners game today against the Patriots (I'll be cheering for the 9ers but I am kind of torn as a New England native)  I am also excited about the possibilities of getting past COVID with a new administration!!!


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