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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Today is Tuesday, January 5th 2016

Wow!  Do you believe it?  I'm really amazed... I'm still here and actually looking forward.

Against all my hopes for accomplishments before the start of the new year;  I am now struggling to take the 45 hours plus an entirely new set of management courses to renew my Real Estate license for the 3rd and probably last time and oh by the way - must be done by 1/30/16.  12 years in the biz and counting and realizing I've landed on my feet yet again.... as all the fees associated with having a license have escalated continually.... and my quarterly taxes loom.  Oh the joy of being self employed and motivated and successful at a profession that I enjoy.

Interesting holiday celebrations as I've reflected on years past spent with my honey.  I've resolved to push myself forward to go out and participate;  even tho'  the party girl would rather stay home with my Ry most days and weeks on end and study my navel.

Went into Tracy's Place yesterday with a very strong glue to attempt to fix my crab sculpture.  I'm working on it.  Phew!  I miss him there most of all.  He would have been churning out pieces and someday soon I will too; surrounded by his genius and his faith in me.

Also, spent some time clearing and cleaning T's work space in the garage after getting the weather stripping replaced and the martini door framed and on and on.  Tomorrow,  I'll attempt to do lots more on my classes but my breaks will be spent taking down the Christmas decorations.  It's tough to see them go... spent so much time putting them out and it really brightened my home and gave me some holiday cheer.... so much nostalgia in ornaments chosen with love....

New Year's eve was a true triumph over melancholy.  My Ca. family joined me to eat, drink and play games to usher in the new year.  Thank you all for your love and support as I evolve....

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