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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Today is Wednesday, December 23rd

Phew!!!  What a year!  I'm very grateful to be here now... Amazing the changes and revelations of the last year... Saturday,  realized after refusing yet another invitation and looking deep within... the never ending questions... why not me and why Tracy?  Survivor guilt has plagued me.  Now I'll be more conscious.  T would be pissed at me... joy is needed now... no more of this... cause after all, at some point; they'll stop asking...

Went to the Santa Cruz Peace church last night and experienced the Messiah sing along.... wow!!!  Thank you my friends!

Riley is here with me as I listen to Barbara in the home my T designed and built and we made our own.  Taking responsibility and taking care of all those nagging details to preserve it.  Termites? Treated and gone... Lights?  Figured out and back on...  The hardest part of dealing with any home is figuring out what the problem is and then, figuring out what the fix is....Tracy could do it all - seamlessly, now I'm finally trusting myself to get it done with lots of help from the experts.

The one party I didn't miss - our Sereno Group annual party on the 11th:
Scene of the crime- San Jose


Vicki, Diana, me, Erin's son, Erin, Barbara Cole- COO Extraordinaire upon arrival

Joe Clark, Vick, Kim, Marilyn 

A good time was had by all..... Merry Christmas one and all!!!!

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