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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Today is Halloween

OMG!  So many wonderful memories!!!  Tracy and I met on Halloween 22 years ago... and we loved morphing into different characters throughout our time together.

Re-enacting Tina & Popeye

The year T & I met - Lea, me, Di, Jayne 1993

Did a bit of gender bending- can't find pics of T as Oscar the Grouch and me as Mr. Rogers or Tracy as the Tin Man and me as Scarecrow or  me as Harpo Marx and I can't recall what T was.  Lots more fun was had by all...  We'd start at the Goodwill store and 1 acquisition would start T's creative juices flowing...

Hopefully, more current photos tomorrow... I think I can truly rejoice in these wonderful memories...

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