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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Today is Wednesday, August 20th

My dear friends and family,

Our T passed peacefully yesterday at 3:45 AM.  I heard the ring at 3:53 as I awoke and so very reluctantly picked up the call... thought twice about not picking it up... like it wouldn't be true if I didn't answer the phone.  Thank God  Gar & Deb were here.

Tracy looked empty... vacant... his wonderful spirit had departed... so difficult to see him this way at the last.  My valiant warrior's gentle spirit had flown... I kissed his face and his lips but no longer did he pucker up...

Monday was a day where we were alone... just the two of us other than his nurse, Ernie... chosen by Courtney, the charge nurse of the day...  I spoke to T about all manner of things, related Riley's latest antics that morning... and I sang to him without tears... the wonderful harpist came in and sang as she played "over the rainbow" at my request.  I never left T's room all day... feeling rooted to him...tho' he never spoke... touching his face and chest and arm and finally as I left for the night.. he puckered up his lips and kissed me goodbye....

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  1. Dear Anne Marie,

    Highest blessings to both you and Tracy. Sending love and strength and peace.