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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Today is Sunday, February 27th, 2022

I awoke this morning with feelings of intense gratitude.  It's the end of February and it seems we may be winding down from the intensity of COVID or perhaps that's just wishing and hoping....

 making coffee and turned to see the early morning light in the gallery...  I realize just how lucky I am.  Recovering from pneumonia (it's a month last Friday) and started Floridex (liquid iron) again... I feel my strength coming back slowly....ahhh  This has been quite a year... 

last April 2021 finally found the cause of months of stomach pain and had surgery to remove a 2.2 centimeter benign lipoma lodged in my intestine along with about 10 inches of bowel.  Took awhile to get over that invasive incursion...anemia and exhaustion reigned for a few months and then.. 

June 4th my custom ordered 911 Cabriolet Carrerra arrived in LA complete with hand stitched blue on red leather interior and Thelma and Louise picked it up and indulged in the Porsche Experience...wow!  Shar & I did Manhattan Beach, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles searching for wine, dine and music without Brad Pitt (aw😢) and forgoing that ending...💖

I guess I'm playing catch-up...no entries since 2020...There were lots of moments of anguish and grief in 2021 and then, the sun came out... I was able to travel solo to Alaska on an Uncruise Adventure in August which was fabulous!!!  Small ship - 55 cruisers and kayaking, bushwhacking and hiking plus camaraderie of new friends into Denali for a week and then onto a Glacial adventure proved that I could travel alone and totally enjoy the experience!

Finished out the year with a trip to McMinnville, ORE. for Thanksgiving with family and Christmas on Cape Cod and New Hampshire to celebrate Johnny's 75th and see the whole family...  not always easy especially traveling at Christmas with all the cancellations due to weather but a sense of humor got me thru...

It's now time to complete T's Quilt.  Just laid his T-shirts out on the office floor... got a lot of trimming and adding to do but hopefully, I've found someone to guide me through the process.  I want to add a photo of T and one of Riley and perhaps one of us together.  Then it's choosing the fabrics... then at long last I'll wrap myself in it and him while relaxing...

Well, whaddayathink about Putin's war?  I know that it's time to stop our decline into autocratic far right decay... on that note, our Viking itinerary is being altered as we speak.  There is no way we can spend 2 days in St. Petersburg, visit Tallinn, Estonia or cruise the Baltic in May...so, we're rerouting to the Nile sometime later this year... ahhh

I feel for the people of Ukraine and yearn for peace for all... this is not going to end well...but we must be united with the rest of NATO and resist this maniac's quest for more power...

Glad to be back and for heavens sake Carpe Diem!!!

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