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Monday, August 21, 2017

Today is Monday, August 21st 2017

I've survived and thrived and I'm alive!!!!!  Saturday marked the 3rd anniversary of Tracy's death and I wasn't sure how I would or could handle it.  Throw a party --- no, I don't think so... be alone....no, I don't think so... the smallest gathering of loved ones possible? YES!!  So, after the last open house at my listing on Saturday, I stopped at Deluxe and got T's favorites: guacamole, chips and a Very Berry Gizdich pie (later we'd be ordering his other favorite - pizza ).  Home to assemble toasting glasses and Hornitos Reposado Tequila and on to gather my family's ashes:  Spec, Riley, T's Dad and T.  Who knew the ceramic container holding Spec and the wooden box holding Riley weren't accessible?  Well, that changed the dynamic but with wonderful suggestions from Deb, Carla and Gar, we arrived at a solution... I mixed Big Mc with T (Toni had brought out their Dad's ashes years ago ) and then, scooped a nice manageable amount into a bag and off we went to the beach....  T loved Hidden Beach.  He walked down to Hidden Beach as often as possible ... even when he was too ill to walk it;  he'd load Riley and I into his blue bomber and drive down to the beach...

T joined his Dad on the beach

You know it's right when first, 1000's of birds do an unreal endless flight north...  Deb caught it on video and for some insane quirky reason I can't post it..

 then, as we toasted T the whales started breaching and playing all over the place!!!  It was unreal!!!  It was if T was saying "finally! I'm happy now"  and as I walked and spread their ashes... I spoke to the love of my life.... even sang a bit.... and the whales just kept on playing....

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