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Friday, July 13, 2012

Today is Friday the 13th!!!!

It's my lucky day!!!! I love Freaky Friday and there's a reason.. it's always a great day and today was no different.  Started out by deciding that I was too spaced out & stressed out to go to my board meeting... I stayed in bed!  Made a slug station and wrote out my feelings about a deal and decided to listen to my intuition.  Came to a decision about two deals actually and finally after talking to Tracy I began to come down...  my rock...my core started gradually to even out...  after the last 36 hours of compacted stress it was time to let go...

Our gentle giant is home!!!!  Thank God!!  Tracy was told that he shouldn't do anything strenuous, lift anything or take any chance that might cause his spleen to rupture while it heals.  Now our guy has an excuse to do nothing but relax and we're gonna see that he does.  Thank God for Friday, the 13th!!!

Both escrows on track and my new listing will hopefully hit the big time tomorrow... movie and photos taken by the love of my life, Tracy... HE'S BACK!!!!

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